Mutual Respect and Acceptable Behavior Policy Respect

Our librarians treat AskAcademic users with respect and courtesy.

  • Users of our service who feel they are not treated with respect and courtesy are encouraged to send comments or complaints to the ASK Operations Manager.

Cyber Ethics: Acceptable Behavior
We expect users to treat our librarians with the same respect and courtesy. Read more about Cybercitizenship and Cyber Ethics. Please remember that you are talking to a real person and to use good netiquette at all times.

Can’t Follow the Rules?
Unacceptable behavior/usage includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Using offensive or obscene language or language of a racist/sexist nature.
  • Transmitting messages that harass or threaten librarians.
  • Threats related to loss of life or bodily harm.
  • Deliberately wasting librarian effort or time in a way that denies service to other legitimate users of the service.

Users who demonstrate unacceptable behavior/usage of the service are in violation of our Mutual Respect Policy and Acceptable Behavior Guidelines and may experience one or more of the following depending on the severity of the situation:

  • A Warning: Our librarians may ask you to change your language or behavior. We want to help you, so you may receive two warnings.
  • A Disconnect: If the offending behavior continues, you will be disconnected. AskAcademic reserves the right to disconnect users at our discretion.
  • Reporting: We contact schools, internet service providers, and law enforcement agencies to report egregious or threatening violations. Threats are taken seriously.
  • Loss of Access: Continued violations may result in permanent loss of access. Unlawful activities will be dealt with in an appropriate manner.

We protect the privacy of your communications. However, people who demonstrate unacceptable behavior/usage of the service forfeit their privacy.

  • Ask Amigos/AskAcademic transcripts are saved for quality control purposes. For more information about your privacy, see our Your Privacy statement.
  • If abuse of the system is detected or a complaint is filed, management reserves the right to access transcripts in order to take appropriate action.